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Protect Your Teeth Whitening Investment With These Foods

closeup photo of woman smilingChoosing to brighten your smile with professional teeth whitening at Midland Park Family Dentistry can leave you with a confident, megawatt smile. Because teeth whitening is an investment that you want to protect, it’s important to choose foods that will keep your teeth bright and avoid the ones that will re-tarnish them.

White Foods = White Teeth

After you’ve had your Zoom treatment, it’s essential to maintain a “white diet” for 48 hours to prevent discoloration. Foods/drinks such as white rice, white sauces, white wine, milk, bananas, pasta, and plain chicken are examples of a white diet.

Dark Foods = Dingy Teeth

Avoid any dark-staining drinks or foods such as coffee, red wine, red pasta sauce, broccoli, chocolate, soy sauce, tea, fruit juice and fruit (except for bananas, apples, and pears.) You also should avoid using mouthwashes/colored toothpaste for 24 hours.

An easy way to remember what to stay away from is this: avoid any foods that will stain a white shirt or foods that have color. White Food = White Teeth! Remember, it’s only for 48 hours, after which you can resume eating your favorite foods.

Two-Day White Diet Menu to Prevent Staining

Here are some suggested meals to keep your teeth sparkling white after your Zoom treatment.

Day One

Breakfast: Egg whites or porridge
Lunch: Rice and vegetables or pasta with white sauce
Dinner: Turkey and potatoes or chicken with cauliflower
Snacks: Bananas or pretzels

Day Two

Breakfast: Bagel or plain yogurt
Lunch: Sandwich or clear soup
Dinner: Whitefish or white pizza with cream sauce
Snacks: Pears or crackers

Say No to Teeth-Tarnishing Tobacco

Apart from avoiding teeth-staining foods and drinks, you also should refrain from tobacco use. As evident from most smokers’ teeth, cigarette smoking stains the teeth significantly, which renders the teeth whitening procedure useless. More importantly, it’s a good idea to quit for the sake of your health.

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